Monday, May 5

Wonderful Project Wonderful

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll see I have re-instated the Project Wonderful ads. I hosted these ads in the past, but the code was incompatible with blogger and often failed. The folks at ProjectWonderful fixed this little bug and I'm happy to once again host ads here at Feathered Friends for just $.10 per day.

I'm also back in the game myself, with ads on a variety of Etsy-related blogs across the web. I've found success with my old ad, but recently designed a new ad that features more of my work. I think this might be a bit more 'clickable' and would love your opinions! The old ad is on top, the newer one on the bottom.

1 comment:

southernscraps said...

I like the new one. It gives viewers a peak at what you design and sell.