Thursday, May 29

Ribbons in a Row

Though I can't say for sure, I think it was flipping through a Martha Stewart magazine in the past few months that I saw this handy little idea for storing ribbon.

Since my craft drawers are over-full, I decided to give it a try.

I pulled apart one of the many dry-cleaning hangers that seem to linger around our house for much too long (I hate wire hangers) and threaded these little beauties right on. I have to say, it's super handy to have so many of them all tidy in a row (there are still many more stuffed in a drawer in my studio), and they are within arm's reach now that they hang from my work-table.

So thanks, Martha, or whoever it was who published this great tip!

Friday, May 9


The only ironing I ever enjoyed was my father's hankerchiefs. Perfect white squares, easy to manage cotton, and fun to fold and perfectly crease. When I learned to sew as a kid, calico quilt squares were kind of fun too. But any other ironing, particularly men's button-down shirts, drives me mad. Until now.

I threw every Macy's promotion I could find at this thing, but it was still a splurge. Worth every penny. She arrived yesterday and is the best thing that's happened to my perfectly un-domesticated life in a long, long time. I've ironed three times today: once this morning in a mad dash for work, again when I got home (suddenly all those wrinkled shirts were no threat) and this evening I couldn't resist pulling out some fresh calico and sewing up a new batch of sachets. My husband is perplexed, and I think a little concerned.

Oh, Rowenta. Where have you been all my life?

Monday, May 5

Wonderful Project Wonderful

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you'll see I have re-instated the Project Wonderful ads. I hosted these ads in the past, but the code was incompatible with blogger and often failed. The folks at ProjectWonderful fixed this little bug and I'm happy to once again host ads here at Feathered Friends for just $.10 per day.

I'm also back in the game myself, with ads on a variety of Etsy-related blogs across the web. I've found success with my old ad, but recently designed a new ad that features more of my work. I think this might be a bit more 'clickable' and would love your opinions! The old ad is on top, the newer one on the bottom.

Friday, May 2

Underwater Inspirations

My husband and I have been learning to scuba dive the past couple of weeks and are hoping to complete our certification this Sunday. Although my focus has been heavily on BREATHING for the first dive last weekend, I did have a moment to look around and realize where I was (30 feet under at the beautiful Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo, Florida). It's BEAUTIFUL. The colors are a little muted and things appear surrounded in this yellow glow. There were fish everywhere, which I thought would freak me out, but frankly I have much bigger problems (like remembering to BREATHE).

We haven't been allowed to bring our cameras under with us yet, so I'll share a picture of Molasses Reef (last weekend's dive) taken by the folks at The colors and textures are inspiring, don't you think?