Monday, June 23

A Perfect Scuba Day

We lucked out with beautiful weather, almost no winds, and super calm seas yesterday - perfect conditions for our second official dive in Key Largo. And for the first time, my husband DIDN'T spend half the trip sick on the boat.

We saw a good-sized nurse shark, a beautiful sting ray, the biggest lobster I've ever seen, and a shy goliath grouper.

Unfortunately, my cheap-o underwater camera does none of it justice. But, I did get some cool pictures of our gear, some lovely scuba bubbles, and Nick demonstrating perfect buoyancy (it took us a long time to master that!).

Tuesday, June 17

Sweet, Scented Sachets

Aren't these wonderful? About 5 inches square and filled with 1/2 - 3/4 cup of dried lavender buds. Our house smells delicious. And the images are proof positive that custom orders make sewing more fun. This client was delightful to talk with and had great ideas for colors. A few more finishing touches and these little beauties will be on their way to Australia!

Saturday, June 14

Back in Business!

My beloved digital camera, the one I have cherished for more than 4 years, took it's final breath early last week. A photo of my darling husband turned out like this:

Definitely not what he looks like :).

So, a little wrench was tossed into my Etsy business with no way to upload new images. But yesterday our new camera arrived: Canon PowerShot A720 IS. It's a smaller sibling to my beloved (Canon PowerShot S1 IS), but I have to say I'm impressed. Terrific image quality, super easy to use, and delightfully lightweight. Plus, this one has a macro feature which I have thoroughly enjoyed these past couple of hours:

This image is a preview of a sweet little blanket and baby hat set that will soon be listed in my sister-shop: Ahnalee Marie. The yarn is a delicious organic cotton that is wonderfully soft (particularly for a cotton) and a perfect weight for naps, car rides and general carrying around. This new shop will be home to my non-greeting card items; essentially, where I will feed my need for bigger projects that involve yarn and fabric and sewing ... all my non-paper loves.

Thursday, June 12


Our first official scuba dive in the Florida Keys was a true adventure! We dove during a small craft advisory (translation: big, big, big waves), which was not easy, but we were well rewarded! Two nurse sharks and a HUGE goliath grouper made for a fun set of dives.