Tuesday, May 31

Pretty Paper Garland

I've been wanting to play with some paper garland for a little while now. The design I had in my mind was much more delicate than what my sewing machine could handle, so I ended up hand-stringing these .5 inch white flowers. The result was really pretty - light and airy. And it was a nice, short project to contrast that ever-present long one (my dissertation). Nothing like some paper art to make you feel like you've made an accomplishment for the day!

Monday, May 2


Our little one is fascinated by the butterflies in our backyard, so I made him a little butterfly mobile from "found things" around our house (unused knitting needles, thread, bits of ribbon, some beads) and some free clipart images from the web. The breeze from the air conditioning vent across the room gives it just enough motion to keep things interesting (and not too tangled).