Monday, January 26

Lunch Just Got a Little Brighter

I admit it. We are paper towel diners. We had a friend over for Thanksgiving dinner this past fall, put together the prettiest little table (with a tablecloth even!) and had to use paper towels for napkins.

No more.

After some thinking and reading and internet surfing and more thinking, I decided to try my hand at some simple cloth napkins. The results were so sweet that I decided to put them in my second Etsy shop.

The best part? They are small enough for my lunch box and are super washable! Eco-friendly and perfect for day-to-day use. What more could a moonlighting seamstress ask for?

Would love to hear your comments and ideas on this simple little design!

Sunday, January 18

Love Coupons Are Back in the Shop

I was fortunate to find some time to put together another limited run of my handmade valentine love coupons, which were so popular last year. These little lovelies are completely customizable, so if there's special text you'd like to include, you can specify at time of purchase. A delightfully handmade and truly enjoyable gift for BOTH of you!