Monday, January 28

Love is an Endless Mystery

Madelyn at Courage My Love has such a pretty and romantic shop. Her profile begins with this wonderful quote from Lewis Carrol:

"There is no use trying" said Alice, "One can't believe impossible things."
"I daresay you haven't had much practice" said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"

I just love everything about this shop. Her images are thought-provoking and lovingly captured. When I stumbled upon this particular image, I couldn't pass it up. Pair it with one of our blue-hued simplicity cards.

Monday, January 21

Your Love Gets Sweeter Every Day

NEW at Lucky Duck Designs! A special card for your special someone. This accordian fold card was created with bright reds, crisp whites and a favorite phrase. Although not large enough for mailing by itself, a sweet little card full of sweet little sentiments. Share it in person with someone you love.

Inside phrase: Your love gets sweeter every day.

Wednesday, January 16

You Are Lovely

There are so many beautiful things about the Beautifully Strange shop at Etsy. The owner, Kathleen, incorporates terrific colors, great designs and humor into her many unique concepts. If you've spent much time at Etsy, you know that pocket mirrors like this one are in abundance. But very, very few incorporate original art into the design. That's what I love about this mirror. It's offers a unique and lovely way to remind someone (or yourself!) of how lovely they are!

Monday, January 14

Crayon Cozy

My Cozy Creations is a fun little shop of fabric goodness. You can buy anything from travel pillows to headbands. The crayon caddies, like the one featured here, make wonderful little gifts for kids (and kid-like adults!). This particular caddy, with its fun pink colors, is a nice match to our 'pink chocolate' birthday card.

Tuesday, January 8

Share the Love

Currently available at Lucky Duck Designs is a fun and inexpensive valentine's treat for your love. These little love coupons are completely customizable, so if there's special text you'd like to include, you can specify at time of purchase. A delightfully handmade and truly enjoyable gift for BOTH of you!

Monday, January 7


Doing things a bit in reverse today! I typically pair a card from my shop with a terrific etsy gift item here, but this card was just so lovely I had to share it. Perfect in every way and available from Crankbunny. Stop by her shop to see so many other wonderful items!

Saturday, January 5

Magnetic Personality

Lydia Layne has one of the most charming etsy shops I've yet seen. Delightful colors and pretty designs make it a really nice place to visit. This magnet makes a great little gift and goes well with our birthday card featuring similarly soft pinks, greens, and blues.

Friday, January 4

Lovely Lavendar

Another charming gift idea from our shop at Lucky Duck Designs. These sweet little lovelies are filled with dried lavendar buds. They are great to tuck into dresser drawers, slip under the front seat of your car, or set on a nightstand. Need a card? Visit the card gallery at the EtsyGreetings Street Team Blog.

Wednesday, January 2

Spreading Cheerfulness

The Vintage Zoo is a wonderful place of unique finds. This bright set of 9 magnets is a cheerful and functional little gift to accompany our bold birthday flowers card. Both are available at, just click on the images to go directly to the listings!

Tuesday, January 1

Coasters for Housewarmings!

This past fall was our first season of a handful of charming little gifts at Lucky Duck Designs. These fabric coasters, featuring the patterns of Amy Butler, have been mighty popular. So much so, that they will be a regular feature at the shop throughout 2008. Need a card to go with them? Try the card gallery at the EtsyGreetings Street Team Blog.