Friday, May 2

Underwater Inspirations

My husband and I have been learning to scuba dive the past couple of weeks and are hoping to complete our certification this Sunday. Although my focus has been heavily on BREATHING for the first dive last weekend, I did have a moment to look around and realize where I was (30 feet under at the beautiful Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo, Florida). It's BEAUTIFUL. The colors are a little muted and things appear surrounded in this yellow glow. There were fish everywhere, which I thought would freak me out, but frankly I have much bigger problems (like remembering to BREATHE).

We haven't been allowed to bring our cameras under with us yet, so I'll share a picture of Molasses Reef (last weekend's dive) taken by the folks at The colors and textures are inspiring, don't you think?


High Desert Diva said...

My mom scuba's one of my goals...someday!


Lucky Duck Designs said...

I've been surprised at how challenging it is, high desert diva! But the rewards are worth it!