Wednesday, October 22

Our Friendship Grows Better Every Year

Indeed. This card 'hit' me on the boring, boring, boring stationery bike as I pedaled to nowhere nursing an injured leg this weekend. Couldn't wait to see it to fruition.

Monday, October 20

Holiday Paper Preview

I had a delightful day in the studio today and was very much in the creative zone. A nice break from all the statistics of my usual school/work week. The listings for these tags are all lined up for the week, but I couldn't wait to share, so here's a sneak peek at what's to come in the Lucky Duck Designs shop.

Wednesday, October 15

Stockings! Stockings! Stockings! And warm collaborations!

So, you've wondered why I haven't posted to my blog lately? I've had my hands on knitting needles! Stockings are in the second shop!

I thought it might be fun to provide buyers with links to some of my favorite stocking stuffers here at Etsy! So, I contacted some of those folks and asked if they would mind if I linked to their shop in my listing, and if they would provide a similar link to my shop in some of their listings. The response was very enthusiastic!

We are just getting started this week, so not all the cross-links are yet posted, but mine are up! If you're looking for great stocking stuffers, check out these terrific shops:

Lip Balm from Morgan Street
Pocket Mirrors from Madison Craft
Felt Brooches from smeeta
Magnets from block party press
Glass Ornaments from Tanner Glass
Coin Purses from JPAT