Wednesday, April 30


A few new-ish favorites to share with you from my shop. I have been trying to improve my skills with the exacto knife and found cutting windows was a good way to practice. Windows led to frames and frames led to, well, something to frame! The flowers and hearts held in place by embroidery floss felt just right. I hope you enjoy them too.

Monday, April 14

Lavender for Mom!

Mother's Day is right around the corner, so I thought I would share with you some little pretties I made for my mom (hopefully she's not reading!) and a coordinating card from my Etsy shop. I just listed the lavender sachets this morning, so you can share them with your mom, too!

The EtsyGreetings Team is running a promotion that enables buyers to take advantage of free secondary shipping on all Mother's Day cards! Buy these two together and get in on the fun :). To see 200 MORE CARDS FOR MOM, click here

Saturday, April 5

New York State of Mind

We were in NYC for a week and I had so much fun wandering the city and taking it all in. Highlights (pictured below) include the annual Macy's Flower Show, cupcakes at the Cupcake Cafe, mocha coffee at Le Pain Quotidien, the little owl statues in the windows of the Strand bookstore (and the books - oh my the books!), and of course the awesome Metropolitan Museum of Art.

My dear friend Jennifer was with me, so we did a little fun shopping as well. We both loved ABC Home and Fishs Eddy. These little wine glasses make me swoon:

And of course we hit the many bead stores and oh how I LOVED purl in Soho. They have a nifty little blog here and I was SO inspired by the babette blanket hanging in their shop:

One day I will make one of my own.