Wednesday, April 6

Love Coupons are Back {again!}

I was fortunate to again find some time to make a limited run of my newly redesigned handmade love coupons. These little lovelies are completely customizable, and special text requests can be made in the notes at checkout. Stay tuned to the shop - I have some delightful new papers from Scotty Girl Design that I'm planning to use for additional sets.

Tuesday, April 5

The Always Lovely "Lovely Clusters"

I always enjoy the selections at Lovely Clusters. And it's a thrill to have a few of my knitted items there as well. Stop by to see the pretty spring catalog:

Sunday, April 3

Bunting Fun

So I've been wanting to put together a little bunting for our holidays. I know it's only April, but it's always Christmas craft time around here - especially with all the custom stocking orders I'm still filling!

Today I had some time to pull out my fabric stash and play with some of the reds a bit. Though the photos aren't terrific, I think the little bunting turned out pretty well!