Sunday, September 14

A Beautiful Collaboration

Have you ever wanted to purchase a mix of coordinating cards from Etsy sellers, but was turned off by the prospect of multiple shipping costs? Here's your chance!

Six of us collaborated to put together a pretty stationery set that incorporated different designs while providing buyers the opportunity to buy the whole set with just one shipping cost. I'm so thrilled to be part of this talented group.

The shops that contributed to this collaborative effort are:

If you are interested in purchasing a set (we have a limited number available), just click on the photo above to be sent to the listing in my etsy shop.


nuvonova said...

What a wonderful idea, and set!! They all really compliment each other too.

Beth said...

What a great idea! The cards turned out beautifully.

Jenny said...

That is amazing! Love the idea and cards!

Paper Girl Productions said...

What a fantastic idea!! They are all beautiful!

Stephanie said...

I have to agree with everyone else! This was a very neat idea and the set is beautiful!

Courtney said...

Just wanted to say that I loved your heart card I received in my pack!


tatsuko said...

Great post, thanks for blogging about this :) When I get my act together and have the card set up on my blog and in my shop, I'll let you know!

Sandra, aka tatsuko