Thursday, July 17

This Team Rocks My Socks

I was super lucky with the mouse yesterday and snagged a treasury, which I quickly devoted to our awesome Etsy Team: EtsyGreetings. Click on the image above to visit the treasury and see all the wonderful cards from my fellow team members.

Such a great group of artists, I gush just thinking about them. Want to know what we're up to?

* We've got a great Business Buddy program happening with the JET team.

* We have a cooperative purchase in the works to save everyone a little $ on, get this, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY cello sleeves for our cards.

* The awesome brainchild of one of our members, Mission Soldier Support, delivers lovely handmade cards to our troops.

* Another incredible idea from one of our members: An ongoing pricing data collection to help us as a team figure out the magic behind pricing greeting cards at Etsy!

I can't say enough about this team!!


Sandra Williams said...

Aw, you are so right...this team totally rocks!

your treasury is wonderful!

Cicada Studio said...

Lookin' good! I'm so happy about the eco-bags. Wish they had them a year ago when I was in the thick of it!