Saturday, June 14

Back in Business!

My beloved digital camera, the one I have cherished for more than 4 years, took it's final breath early last week. A photo of my darling husband turned out like this:

Definitely not what he looks like :).

So, a little wrench was tossed into my Etsy business with no way to upload new images. But yesterday our new camera arrived: Canon PowerShot A720 IS. It's a smaller sibling to my beloved (Canon PowerShot S1 IS), but I have to say I'm impressed. Terrific image quality, super easy to use, and delightfully lightweight. Plus, this one has a macro feature which I have thoroughly enjoyed these past couple of hours:

This image is a preview of a sweet little blanket and baby hat set that will soon be listed in my sister-shop: Ahnalee Marie. The yarn is a delicious organic cotton that is wonderfully soft (particularly for a cotton) and a perfect weight for naps, car rides and general carrying around. This new shop will be home to my non-greeting card items; essentially, where I will feed my need for bigger projects that involve yarn and fabric and sewing ... all my non-paper loves.


SpinachNPeace said...

that camera takes great pictures! i used my mom's when i was home last time and had great results!

fluffnflowers said...

Your husband is a rare beauty! lol You could probably take pictures like that with the broken camera and sell them as art prints. :)

The new camera looks like a winner!